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Kadri, Y., and J-Y. Nie, "A Comparative Study between Linear Combination and Confidence Measures for Cross Language Information Retrieval", Int. Joint Conf. on NLP, Hydrabad, jan, 2008. pdf
Kadri, Y., and J-Y. Nie, "Combining resources with confidence measures for cross language information retrieval", PIKM '07: Proceedings of the ACM first Ph.D. workshop in CIKM, Lisbon, Portugal, ACM, pp. 131–138, 2007. pdf
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Blatz, J., E. Fitzgerald, G. Foster, S. Gandrabur, C. Goutte, A. Kulesza, A. Sanchis, and N. Ueffing, "Confidence Estimation for Machine Translation", CoLing, Genève, pp. 853-856, aug, 2004. pdf
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Guillevic, D., S. Gandrabur, and Y. Normandin, "Robust Semantic Confidence Scoring", International Conference on Spoken Language Processing 2002 (ICSLP 2002), Denver, Colorado, pp. 853-856, sep, 2002. pdf