« Les verbes français » (French Verbs) by Jean Dubois and Françoise Dubois-Charlier (Version LVF+1)

August 2013

This page is a browsing tool for an XML database created from the data in « Les verbes français » (LVF) by Jean Dubois and Françoise Dubois-Charlier (1997), using version LVF+1, which counts more than 25,610 French verb entries.

  • More information on Les verbes français [Modyco]
  • A brief presentation of the content of LVF [PDF 208K]
  • A more thorough presentation of the underlying principles of the LVF [PDF 292K]

The XML file was produced through an XSLT transformation style sheet applied to the Excel version of the data, provided by Denis Le Pesant from Modyco (Le laboratoire Modèles, Dynamiques, Corpus, UMR 7114 du CNRS/Université de Paris 10). This study is in the line with the work of the FondamenTAL research group.

This XSLT transformation was originally written by Patrick Paul, under the supervision of Guy Lapalme, in August and September of 2008 at the RALI laboratory, at the Université de Montréal. This presentation (in French) outlines the methods used.

This document explains the organization of this site and compares the data from the LVF with that of other sites offering similar resources. More details are available in this article published in Langages in December of 2010.

The following sections allow access to dynamically generated HTML pages, from te data contained in the XML files.

By class

This section reproduces the structures in pages 24 to 463 of the PDF book available upon request to Denis Le Pesant or by visiting the site of the project FondamentTAL with a few corrections.

Generic and Semantico-syntactical classes

In alphabetical order

There is one page for each letter of the alphabet, grouping verbs according to their first letter. On each page, there is a table of verbs, similar to the way they are displayed in the book. The content and the organization of pages 464-549 of the book are reproduced.



By domain

One page by domain (in French).

By scheme

One page by scheme (in French). Schemes can be accessed from the scheme index.

Entry lookup by regular expression (pattern)

Pattern to look for: Click here for a reminder of regular expression syntax »

Multi-criteria entry lookup

Lookup form exposing all fields

The data in digital format

In accordance with the author's and Modyco's wishes, this data is made available on the condition that the downloader agrees to the terms of the LGPL-LR license.

A version compatible with Mac OS X's Dictionary application

To integrate this dictionary of French verbs to the Dictionary application under Mac OS X, please follow these instructions.

  • Download the compressed dictionary;
  • Decompress the zip file by double-clicking on it, if your OS hasn't already decompressed the file;
  • Move the file LVF.dictionary into the directory ~/Library/Dictionaries (create it if absent);
  • Launch the application Dictionary and activate the LVF dictionary in the Preferences;
  • It is possible to select which LVF fields to display, in the Preferences.


June 2008 First version of this tool
June 2009 Added keyword and regular expresion lookup
March 2011 Integration of January 2011 corrections made to the LVF (Version 1.1)
Internal reorganisation of the XML structure

Production of version compatible with the Dictionary application under Mac OS X.

 August 2013  New XML version using Paul Sabatier's LVF+1

Other sites using the LVF


Contact : Dr. Guy Lapalme