Detection of Recurring Defects in Airline Incident Reports

TitleDetection of Recurring Defects in Airline Incident Reports
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsAlfonso-Hermelo, D., I. Elbaz, T. Gao, F. Gotti, D. Kletz, P. Langlais, V. Letard, L. Pagès, F. Piedboeuf, H. Samara Dos Santos, and T. Yang-Zhou
NotesThis report presents the work conducted during the Tenth Montreal Problem Solving Workshop for the problem submitted by Air Canada, with the much appreciated assistance of Keith Dugas and Nicholas Popovic from Air Canada. The data provided by Air Canada is extremely complex, therefore, this report, which expresses the view of the persons involved in developing solutions, might be inconclusive in a number of ways.