Social Network Integration in Document Summarization

TitreSocial Network Integration in Document Summarization
Type de publicationBook Chapter
Année de publication2014
AuteursFarzindar, A.
Book TitleInnovative Document Summarization Techniques: Revolutionizing Knowledge Understanding
RésuméIn this chapter, the author presents the new role of summarization in the dynamic network of social media and its importance in semantic analysis of social media and large data. The author introduces how summarization tasks can improve social media retrieval and event detection. The author discusses the challenges in social media data versus traditional documents. The author presents the approaches to social media summarization and methods for update summarization, network activities summarization, event-based summarization, and opinion summarization. The author reviews the existing evaluation metrics for summarization and the efforts on evaluation shared tasks on social data related tracks by ACL, TREC, TAC, and SemEval. In conclusion, the author discusses the importance of this dynamic discipline and great potential of automatic summarization in the coming decade, in the context of changes in mobile technology, cloud computing, and social networking.